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Create your custom die-cut template in just a few clicks

With Packly, you can create and download your custom dies to build your own personalized packaging solution.

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Generate your custom dies in any size you want within B1 format

Choose your preferred shape and customize the size according to your needs. Based on the type of product that your packaging will hold, you can choose the ideal thickness of the material to be used for your die-cut.

Download professional die-cut template files

Create and download professional, highly accurate die-cuts in just a few steps. You can download the die-cut templates in PDF format, ready to be imported into your vector graphics software (Packly recommends Adobe Illustrator ®).

Import and work on your custom die-cut files using your favorite software

Vector tracings are divided into different categories: bleed, cut and fold lines. Each line is defined as a spot color and you can find it in the Adobe Illustrator® color palette. You can import the file into the Esko® suite, for example in Artios CAD® and Art Pro®.

No need to buy or install additional, complex software products

Why purchase a new software when there is a solution that is available on any device? Packly offers a set of online tools to create your own custom die-cut template, with no need to install additional software programs and no maintenance costs.

Design your package quickly and intuitively

You can create your packaging projects effortlessly thanks to our simple and intuitive web interface. In just a few steps, you can create your die-cut template and download it in real time: a practical solution to create your custom die even if you have no knowledge of structural packaging design.

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Happy Customers

I really liked using Packly services. My packaging shipment arrived one day ahead of schedule, everything was perfect. I am very satisfied.

Luca Vannini

President, Essegi Software
Brescia, IT

Packly has been a great find. We finally have the option to print mock-ups quickly and at affordable prices. The experience was excellent with customer service as well, they proved to be extremely helpful and competent.

Umberto Iorillo

Corporate Development Manager, Cristino Snacks
Avellino, IT is my ideal partner: freedom on different formats, no minimum quantity, fast working, impeccable quality, affordable price. Ordering is easy, you have everything at your fingertips! Excellent service!

Fabio De Notariis
Campobasso, IT

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