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Turn your packaging idea into a 3D model

With Packly's interactive virtual 3D mockup tool, you can have a preview in three dimensions of your packaging, rotate it 360° and view it from different perspectives, even before ordering a printed version.

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Share your ideas with clients and co-workers

Share your 3D virtual packaging mockup with your clients during a conference call, send it via email to a co-worker or project it on a screen for a compelling presentation.

Save time with Packly's 3D mockup tool

Download a virtual 3D mockup of your packaging from our platform, without wasting your energy and time, with a simple click. No need to purchase or install additional 3D modeling software products.

Speed up the packaging prototyping process

Accelerate the prototyping process thanks to Packly's virtual 3D mockup tool. Reduce time to market thanks to the interactive preview of your packaging and decide immediately whether to order the final printed version of your boxes.

Preview your packaging design from all perspectives

Rotate your box 360° in any direction thanks to the interactive PDF file format. Visualize your packaging from different angles and save custom views (for example, top view, section, custom lighting, etc.) to evaluate and best promote your project.

Compare multiple versions of your packaging

Is your client unsure of which packaging design to choose? Does he have doubts concerning the shape, size or graphics? By ordering multiple versions of the 3D mockup and showing them to your client highlighting different views, you will be able to help him make a better choice and, when ready, you can order the selected packaging.

Happy Customers

Packly has been a great find. We finally have the option to print mock-ups quickly and at affordable prices. The experience was excellent with customer service as well, they proved to be extremely helpful and competent.

Umberto Iorillo

Corporate Development Manager, Cristino Snacks
Avellino, IT is my ideal partner: freedom on different formats, no minimum quantity, fast working, impeccable quality, affordable price. Ordering is easy, you have everything at your fingertips! Excellent service!

Fabio De Notariis
Campobasso, IT

I wanted to say thank you! The packaging is of a very high standard and the quality is excellent. We will definitely order from you in the future!

Sharon Darwish

Managing Director, Nala
London, UK

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