Sponsorship program

Do you belong to an association and/or an Onlus and want to realise custom packaging for your events with Packly? You’re in the right place then!

Send an email to support(at)pack.ly with your idea and a short description of the event, with “Packly Sponsorship“ as subject, so that we can consider if your project may be a part of our sponsorship program.

Packly offers two different kinds of collaboration and sponsorship designed for social, cultural, environmental, playful events and similar.

What we can offer to you, based on your request, is:

  • free custom boxes, up to a maximum value of € 100,00, with a well-shown Packly logo on one side and a short description of the service;
  • a discount for the creation of custom boxes with the “Powered by Packly” stamp of about 30mm in a visible position. The percentage of the discount will be calculated based on the order, up to a maximum value of € 50,00.

In both cases, participants will have to sponsor the collaboration through at least two social sharings, together with a picture of boxes, before and after the event.

Packly team as well, besides the creation of packaging, will take part in the promotion of the event, by sharing on the brand social network sites the material published by the promoting company and eventual internal pictures taken during the manufacturing.

Texts and logos will be provided by Packly, digitally and ready-to-use.

Are you looking for something else? Contact us, we will be happy to analyse your request and find the right solution for you.