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Food boxes, custom packaging for food and beverage

Our custom food boxes are the ideal solution for packaging and adding value to your product. Choose the shape and closure that best suits your needs and start creating the custom packaging that's right for you.

Models for boxes

From the standard tuck-end box to the practical automated bottom to facilitate the filling phase, from the lid and bottom box to the convenient counter display to hold and enhance your product.

Choose the food boxes according to your needs, from containers for take-away foods, dessert boxes, liquors, and custom packaging for chocolate bars. The only limit to customization is your imagination.

Why is food packaging important?

Food packaging is essential because it performs several tasks. First, the food boxes must contain the products and keep them in the best possible condition throughout the supply chain.

Secondly, they must position the product on the shelf at best and carry essential information for consumers. Finally, custom food packaging must protect the product to avoid alterations or damage during transport.

Finally, the materials must be specific, resistant, and possibly eco-friendly. Cardboard food boxes are always a good choice. Paper is made from renewable raw materials which, ideally, are managed sustainably. The recycling rate is significantly higher than plastic packaging: on average, 68% of boxes are made from recycled paper.

Create your custom packaging

Our online custom food packaging service is also perfect for prototyping and mini-series, testing new products, and creating limited editions, taster kits, or promotional packs.

With Packly, you can create personalized boxes with no minimum order at affordable costs and quickly, with shipping starting from 48 hours.

How does Packly work?

Measure your product

Measure your product

Choose the model and enter the dimensions

Choose the model and enter the dimensions

Upload your custom artwork

Upload the file with your custom artwork

Get your printed boxes

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How to create custom packaging for your food products

Are you looking for custom food boxes that upgrade your product? Choose one of the many food packaging templates available on Packly. Just enter your measurements, customizable down to a tenth of a millimeter, and order your boxes in just a few clicks.

On our creative interface, you will always see a real-time print quote and a realistic 3D preview that can be shared with a link. Any special finishes, such as gold, silver foil, or raised spot varnish, are also rendered perfectly.

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