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High-volume packaging supplies tailored to your every need

Choosing the right packaging company is essential for any business prioritizing product integrity, brand image, and customer satisfaction.


It’s not merely about protection; it’s about enhancing the unboxing experience, showcasing your brand, and optimizing operational efficiencies. At Packly, we understand these dimensions and are committed to delivering packaging solutions that meet these comprehensive needs.

Excellence in packaging production

As a leading packaging company, Packly’s Industrial Division excels in crafting custom packaging supplies tailored to high-volume industries including food, cosmetics, luxury goods, beverages, and confectionery. Our approach combines innovation with efficiency, ensuring your packaging is both functional and impressive.

Tailored customization

Adapt your packaging exactly to your specifications, with flexibility in volume, design, and materials.

Advanced finishing technologies

Enhance your product’s shelf appeal with our superior finishing options like UV varnish, metallic effects, and robust lamination.

Consistent quality and precision

Our commitment to excellence ensures each piece of packaging is crafted with the highest quality standards, backed by thorough quality control processes.

Why choose Packly as your packaging company?

Packly offers customizable and sustainable packaging solutions, backed by high standards of quality and safety, to perfectly meet your brand needs.

Innovation and flexibility

We adapt our production to your needs, offering flexible and customized packaging solutions. Our innovative production capacity enables us to respond quickly to your requirements, always ensuring quality and precision.

Expert guidance

Our experienced team is here to provide insights and support from design through production, ensuring your packaging reflects your brand’s vision and practical needs.

Reliable quality

With BRCGS certification, we meet the highest standards of product safety and quality management, ensuring the absolute integrity of your packaging. Our strict attention to detail and international protocols ensures that every step of the production process complies with the most stringent regulations.

Sustainable options

Packly uses environmentally friendly materials and processes to reduce our ecological footprint, ensuring that our products are both premium and sustainable. As an FSC™ and ISO14001 certified manufacturer, we are committed to upholding the strictest environmental and quality standards, demonstrating our dedication to sustainable development and responsible resource management.

The green company for your packaging

Our sustainable philosophy is reflected in both the products we make and the company. Our paper company is powered exclusively by energy from renewable sources.
We have the following certifications:

Your trusted partner

Choose Packly’s Industrial Division for a partnership where your needs for packaging supplies are met with innovative solutions and dedicated support. We don’t just serve your business – we empower it.

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