Best price guarantee for your packaging with Packly

In the unlikely event that you have found a lower price for the same Packly box model with the same features, we will match it.

Have you found a better price for your custom packaging? No problem! We commit to matching it for the same model, with the same features.

Follow these steps

Fill out the form

Complete the form below by entering all the details of the box: model, dimensions, printing, material, special finishes, quantity, and price. Include the link to the site with the best price and attach a screenshot of the quote or cart containing the details of the packaging you want to purchase.


Submit your request

After completing the form, proceed with the submission, making sure you have correctly filled in all the required fields. You will receive a confirmation of the successful submission of your request.


Wait for approval

Wait for confirmation from our team. We will verify the compliance of your request and if all the details of the packaging fit, we will match the price.