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packly box with windowing and special finishes

With Packly you can print what you create online, resulting in high quality custom box. There is no minimum order requirement, your packaging is produced within 48 hours, thanks to the leading technology and proprietary manufacturing processes we use. Packly wants to be your company's strategic ally. When it comes to presenting your product in a distinctive and attractive way, but also protecting it with the right materials, we come into play. Packly, in fact, is the innovative solution that allows you to rethink the way companies buy high-quality customised packaging. Full customisation, 3D preview and printing of both small and large runs make Packly the unique online platform for carton packaging. We believe it is of paramount importance for companies to best present their product through packaging and get to market sooner to increase profits and brand value.

Real time quote

Get a real-time quote. At Packly, we are committed to transparent and simple pricing. If the volume of pieces increases, you will benefit from a lower unit cost. So, the more you buy, the more you save. Our quote is instant and customised and takes several factors into account. These are packaging size, material, manufacturing time and, of course, the quantity you need. With Packly, you can be sure to get excellent service and cost-effectiveness.

No minimum order and print in 48h

Do you need to test a new product on the market or a new graphic? Packly is the solution to this question because we know how important it is to do it quickly and at the lowest possible cost. For small or large runs you can buy from 1 to 100,000 custom boxes with no minimum order. We combine our cutting-edge manufacturing with modern technology to create custom boxes that perfectly reflect your brand and offer an unforgettable unboxing experience. You receive high-quality packaging quickly, with printing guaranteed within 48 hours, regardless of the quantity required. In addition, you can further customise the process by choosing from ideal production time options of 2, 5 or 8 working days. Reduce time to market and lower supply chain costs. Packly is your go-to for buying packaging. Optimise your supply chain and manage just-in-time inventories, avoiding both surpluses and shortages.

High-quality materials

Opt for Packly to gain access to an extensive range of premium and high-quality materials. We offer the freedom of choice that your product deserves, whether you're launching a new item or revamping existing packaging. With Packly, your customizable boxes evolve into packaging masterpieces that will set you apart in the market. The premium materials employed in our packaging are of superior quality and boast exceptional features, including:

double coated material

Double coated

Material layered with a dual coating to guarantee durability and long-lasting quality. Perfect for high-end and luxury packaging that allows for custom printing, creating an elegant and sophisticated look.

special-moisture-proof material

Moisture proof

It provides excellent protection and creates an effective moisture barrier. Due to this characteristic, it is particularly suitable for packaging food products by ensuring the proper maintenance of taste and texture.

corrugated material


Superior quality material that offers strength and flexibility. Suitable for sturdier and heavier packaging, this type of laminated cardboard can protect contents during transport and storage. On the outside, the coated cardboard offers a smooth, bright white surface. It is a perfect blend of sturdiness and aesthetics.

100% certified packaging

We embrace a sustainable philosophy that is reflected both in the products we produce and in our company, which is BRCGS grade AA certified. We produce custom boxes using only 100% renewable energy. As an ISO 14001 certified company, we are committed to preserving the environment and adopting eco-friendly practices. We strive daily to contribute to CO2 reduction. We only use pure pulp paper from responsibly managed forests, which allows us to make FSC™ certified packaging.

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Quick guide to printing your packaging

  1. 1. Choose the packaging model
  2. 2. Enter the dimensions
  3. 3. Choose the material
  4. 4. Select any special finishes
  5. 5. Enter the quantity
  6. 6. Select processing priority and get price
  7. 7. Add to cart
  8. 8. Complete your purchase

You can download the die layout for your custom graphics and generate a 3D preview of your file, before or after purchase. Only before purchase will each download or upload be deducted from the total available, depending on the chosen subscription plan.