Modelling your packaging

Generate and view an interactive 3D of your graphic file in real time

The future of packaging design is taking shape through Packly's innovative 3D modeling function. Create your die-cut layout with Packly and incorporate your graphics. Packly will then generate an interactive packaging mockup of the uploaded file. Explore every detail of your packaging on the virtual mockup to reduce the risk of errors during the packaging design process. Share the preview and collaborate with your team during the approval stages to speed up the work-flow. Visualize how each fold, cut, and graphic element interacts and is displayed. Evaluate every aspect of your design and make changes to ensure a flawless result.

Enhancing your packaging with embellishments and special finishes

With Packly, you can add a touch of luxury and distinction to your packaging with embossing and special finishes that will elevate your product. What sets us apart is the ability to provide you with a 3D preview experience that realistically reflects enhancements such as gold and silver embossed metallic foils, directly onto the packaging design. This exclusive feature allows you to foresee how these special finishes will translate into reality, ensuring a flawless outcome.

Sharing your project safely and quickly

Upload the PDF file that you previously created using your graphic design software. In just a few moments, Packly will generate both a 3D model and a 2D image. This approach eliminates the need to share native files and enables you to showcase your project using a straightforward link.

Quick guide to creating a 3D mock-up

  1. 1. Choose your packaging template
  2. 2. Enter dimensions
  3. 3. Choose material, for an accurate layout
  4. 4. Select any special finishes
  5. 5. Download the dieline and add design
  6. 6. Save the file as a PDF and upload it to Packly
  7. 7. Wait for generation and view the 3D

Each download or upload will be deducted from the total available, depending on the chosen subscription plan. If you purchase printed packaging, you can log into the private area and both downloads and uploads will not be deducted.