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packly box with windowing and special finishes

Looking for a definitive solution for your custom boxes? You're in the right place: thanks to Packly's cutting-edge technology, you can have your packaging ready in just 48 hours, with interactive 3D previews, no minimum order, and the freedom to print exactly what you need, when you need it.

Instant online quote

Discover the convenience of getting real-time quotes with Packly: a surprise-free experience, with transparent prices that adapt to your needs. For each order, you'll always get the best price, considering dimensions, materials, and volume. What does that mean? The more you order, the more you save, without ever sacrificing quality.

No minimum order and print in 48h

Do you need to test a new product on the market or a new graphic? Packly is the solution to this question because we know how important it is to do it quickly and at the lowest possible cost. For small or large runs you can buy from 1 to 100,000 custom boxes with no minimum order. We combine our cutting-edge manufacturing with modern technology to create custom boxes that perfectly reflect your brand and offer an unforgettable unboxing experience. You receive high-quality packaging quickly, with printing guaranteed within 48 hours, regardless of the quantity required. In addition, you can further customise the process by choosing from ideal production time options of 2, 5 or 8 working days. Reduce time to market and lower supply chain costs. Packly is your go-to for buying packaging. Optimise your supply chain and manage just-in-time inventories, avoiding both surpluses and shortages.

Top-quality materials

Your products' packaging deserves only the best: Packly offers high-quality materials, ensuring that each package is not only aesthetically pleasing but also sturdy and durable. Discover our materials and their features.

double coated materialSBS
double coated materialFBB

Premium cardboards

The double coated board (SBS) with a double coating ensures strength and durability. It is ideal for luxury packaging and high-end products thanks to its elegant and sophisticated appearance. The high-thickness single-coated board (FBB) is rigid, offers great protection and durability, and at the same time gives the packaging an elegant look. It has an ideal visual yield for the food sector.

special-moisture-proof material

Special moisture proof

It offers optimal protection and creates an effective moisture barrier. Thanks to this feature, this cardstock is particularly suitable for food packaging, ensuring the proper maintenance of taste and texture.

corrugated material

Premium corrugated cardboard

A superior quality material that offers strength and flexibility. Suitable for more robust and heavy packaging, this type of laminated cardboard protects contents during transport and storage. On the exterior side, it has the same coating as the SBS board, offering a smooth surface and a bright white color rendition.

corrugated material

Natural Kraft/Kraft cardboard

Made exclusively from pure cellulose, this cardstock is perfect for packaging dry, refrigerated, and frozen foods, but also cosmetics and supplements. With its ecological look, free from surface coatings, it is completely plastic-free and perfect for communicating a sustainable commitment.

Sustainable and custom boxes

Our production is powered by 100 percent renewable energy, and we use only pure pulp paper from responsibly managed forests for our boxes, which allows us to make FSC™-certified custom cardboard boxes. For packaging that's not just beautiful and functional, but also ecological and sustainable.

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Quick guide to printing your custom boxes

  1. 1. Choose the packaging model
  2. 2. Enter the dimensions
  3. 3. Choose the material
  4. 4. Select any special finishes
  5. 5. Enter the quantity
  6. 6. Select processing priority and get price
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