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The perfect choice for those who wish to occasionally design their own packaging.

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  • 15✕ Dieline template /month

  • 15✕ 3D Mockup /month

  • 3D ShareLink

  • 3D Repair

  • Studio Mode

  • 1-click reorder x 12 months

  • Advanced Support

  • Free shipping in 16 Countries



Professional functionality

The ideal plan for those who design more packaging and need more flexibility and functionality.

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  • 250✕ Dieline template /year

  • 250✕ 3D Mockup /year

  • 3D ShareLink

    • Password Protected

  • 3D Repair

  • Studio Mode

  • 1-click reorder x 18 months

  • Premium Support

  • Free shipping in 16 Countries


from €699/year

The ultimate and tailor-made

For creatives, agencies and printing companies who want access to all services, without limits.

No contract, cancel anytime.
  • Unlimited Dieline template

  • Unlimited 3D Mockup

  • 3D ShareLink

    • Password Protected

    • Customizable with your logo

    • Alternative Domain

  • 3D Repair

  • Studio Mode

  • 1-click reorder x 24 months

  • Dedicated Support

  • Unbranded Shipping

  • Buyer Program

  • Free shipping in 16 Countries


Why use Packly as packaging design software?

Packly is a complete web platform for both printing and packaging design that is easy, fast and error-free.

The packaging software, a true web app, allows you to get a structural packaging design without being an expert and to speed up all stages of design, prototyping and approval of your packaging.

You will be able to view the packaging templates that can be made based on the measurements of your product and download the die layout instantly, so you can create your graphics on a precise and tailored template.

You'll be able to upload the file you created to get an interactive 3D mockup in seconds, even displaying special finishes such as gold, silver or varnishes you applied.

You'll be able to securely share the newly created 3D mockup with whomever you wish on a web page that can be customized with your logo and colors.

Once the design is finalized, you can print your packaging with Packly or wherever you like.Learn more

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