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One place to manage the entire packaging process, from design to delivery.

  • Design your packaging in real-time
  • Visualise and share the 3D preview
  • Print in 48 hours, no matter if 1 or 100.000 boxes
  • Manage your orders and designs with ease
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Create your custom high quality slim box with gold foil and 3D preview

Why choose Packly for your custom packaging?

We are a highly innovative company with extensive experience in the packaging industry. Our goal is to provide you with high-quality custom boxes at affordable prices.

Our mission is to be your one-stop shop for all your packaging needs, from the packaging design phase to the prototype printing. We are a growing team with big ideas looking for new ways to improve our service. We are experts in the field of packaging and have been innovating since 2014. We offer a wide range of services to help you achieve your goals.

Packaging Design & Prototyping

We deliver tailor-made tools for your packaging project. Our designers work closely with our engineers to create unique solutions that meet even the most demanding requirements.

We can provide you with everything you need to create great-looking custom packaging, so put us to the test!

What can you do with Packly?

create die-cut templates

Create die-cut templates

  • - as PDF vector
  • - in a few seconds
  • - with your own dimensions
  • (more than 400 billions of sizes combinations)

It's easy: enter the three dimensions of the box, visualise your custom die-cut template and download the professional dieline immediately.

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view virtual 3D box models

View virtual 3D box models

  • - with custom graphics
  • - in real-time
  • - with no software installation

It's simple: upload Packly's dieline customized with your artwork and visualise the live 3D box preview.

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view virtual 3D box models
  • Dynamism: built for graphics designers, communication agencies, brand owners, and companies
  • Customization: packaging with your sizes
  • Flexibility: no minimum order, printing service starting from a single custom box
  • Quality: professional dielines, high-resolution prototypes, mini-series, and printing of large quantities
  • Packaging design online application without any software installation
  • Automatic die-cut templates generator
  • 2D-3D box models visualiser with custom artwork and shareable link
  • The online printing service for the paper industry
  • The most advanced packaging design tool on the market.
  • We offer a comprehensive set of tools to create your packaging designs: from 3D mockups to printable templates and even customized printing and shipping services.
  • Designing packaging has never been easier!
  • Create your custom packaging design in just minutes!
  • You can start designing right away by using our online tool.

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