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Boxes for cosmetics, health products, and supplements

With Packly, you can find the winning idea for your personalized cosmetic packaging.

Through our application, you can choose the model to print, customize it and view the 3D result in real-time, including special finishes.

In the personal care sector, packaging plays a leading role. It must communicate, it must be able to enhance the content, and, last but not least, stand out on the shelves.

Why packaging is essential for cosmetics

Attractive packaging plays a key role in the success of a cosmetic product. Beauty products must catch the eye for the type of action they perform and the aesthetic aspect capable of conquering and enticing the customer to repurchase them.

The packaging of a cream, or other cosmetics, is the first point of contact between the consumer and the brand. Cosmetic boxes must therefore protect the product while staying memorable and desirable in the eyes of the reference public.

If beauty is crucial to your offer, the same must apply to packaging. Create a prototype now with Packly.

Create customized cosmetic packaging for your product

The wide range of boxes you can choose from will allow you to pinpoint the perfect packaging for your cosmetic, supplement, para-pharmaceutical, etc. If you are a cosmetics manufacturer looking for a box for your nail polishes, your creams, or any product, choose one of the models featured by Packly and create cosmetic packaging capable of enhancing and protecting the content at best.

Are you about to launch a new cosmetic product, a new face cream, or do you want to conduct a market test for a new line of food supplements? Do you need a mini-series of packaging to present your product at a fair? Are you planning on launching a promotion at a point of sale?

Packly is the solution for personalized cosmetic packaging. No minimum order and no additional costs. Do all the tests and order the exact quantity you need. You can request from a single copy up to one hundred thousand samples. Test us on large print runs. Reduce time to market by designing your customized box with complete autonomy!

How does Packly work?

Measure your product

Measure your product

Choose the model and enter the dimensions

Choose the packaging model and enter the dimensions

Upload your custom artwork

Upload the file with your custom graphics

Get your printed boxes

Buy the printed and customized cosmetic boxes for your product

How to create custom packaging for your health and care products.

In Italy, delivery usually takes 24 hours. In Europe, USA and Canada, times vary from 3 to 5 working days. We have all the best media, such as flat, corrugated, and polythene cardboard. The latter is particularly suitable for cosmetic packaging as it is resistant to fat or oily components.

Cosmetic packaging that respects the environment

Furthermore, Packly uses pure cellulose, 100% recyclable, from responsibly managed forests. The environment will thank you too. Consumers are more inclined to choose virtuous and low-impact packaging. Satisfy the expectations of customers with Made in Packly cosmetic boxes.

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